At Home Teeth Whitening on the Rise

Many people when asked what they think would improve their appearance; the majority states that white teeth are one of the top answers. When a person has white teeth they are often more friendly and personable along with possessing more confidence and self-esteem. Due to this reason, people are spending money visiting their dentist or cosmetic dentist in order to have their teeth whitened. This can begin to dwindle away any money in the bank as each procedure will cost between $500 and $1000 and in most cases, one trip to the dentist will not eliminate all the stains on the teeth.

Teeth become stained due to things we eat, drink, medications, high volumes of multivitamins, and age. The enamel that keeps our teeth brilliantly white begins to wear away thus the change in color of our teeth. There is not much you can really do in order to keep your teeth as pearly white as they once were. A few products on the market today can help especially since you do not want to give up eating all your favorite foods that may stain your teeth. You can begin by using a whitening toothpaste. Of course, this will not eliminate the interior stains that are noticeable. However, using whitening toothpaste as young as in your teen years will at least give you a head start on keeping your teeth as white as possible.

Along with whitening toothpastes, there are also whitening strips and whitening gels that is a bit stronger than the whitening toothpastes that do not have any bleaching agents. The whitening strips and gels do contain peroxide and will give your teeth a whiter appearance. With the strips, you apply the strips to your teeth and leave in place for 30 minutes per day for 14 days. With the gel, you apply the gel to your teeth with a brush twice per day for 14 days. Both of these methods will give you a noticeable change in just a few days and will last for up to four months.

Tray based teeth whitening products are also available over the counter or from your dentist. The product you receive from the dentist will be stronger than the one at the retail store; however, the one you can purchase on your own will often do a great job unless you have deep interior stains. When you purchase a tray-based teeth-whitening product, you should purchase one that has a moldable tray so you can ensure a custom fit so you do not harm your gums or soft tissue around your teeth. This method is often done at night while sleeping or for 2 hours per day.

The dentist will use the tray-based method; however, he will be able to do more to protect your gums and soft tissue and will ensure the mouth tray fits properly so as to keep the bleaching agent in place. Along with this, the bleaching agent used at the dentist office is stronger than the ones you can purchase at a retail store.